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Friday, June 12, 2015

Urbane Shoot

Pulling together photo shoots are lots of fun but takes real work! The focus of this particular shoot was to display jewelry pieces from www.urbanefashion.net

Once I received the shipment and decided which piece was going to be my focal piece I came up with a few ideas of what the shoot would look like, including the looks of the models. I then contacted photographer Sean Smith, who I knew could capture what I envisioned. Once I told Sean what looks I wanted he reached out to a few models and we set the date.

In the meantime I searched through my personal collection of wardrobe to see if I already had items I could use. I then decided where I’d find whatever additional items I would need. In this case I found things at my local consignment store! The Walk In Closet! Located at 1212 NW Broad st. Murfreesboro, TN 37129. I also picked up some eye wear from Jewel Tankard’s NYS (New York Sunglasses) collection. Available for purchase at www.jeweltankard.org

Once at The Walk In Closet I began looking for items that would complement and not overpower my pre-selected focal piece and that would also complement the model I would have wearing each look. I found a few really cute tops I knew would work based on colour, texture, cut and style. Afterwards I headed out to scout some locations that would make a nice backdrop. I found a few good ones but decided on the location with the most potential.

One of the last steps before the shoot was laying everything out and “finalizing” each look. My original plan was to display as many of the jewelry pieces as possible in one group shot without overcrowding. But after all the planning we had two models cancel! LOL things happen!

So once on set I finally meet with the 2 models and decide what looks to pair together from my original group shot selection and we ended up still having a good turn out!

Catie King                            Yanet C. Sanchez

It’s always great working with easy going people who know how to adjust and go with the flow. It takes a lot of planning. Even for a small shoot such as this one J